Nov 2007 Old Interview :Insider Interview With TSN’s James Duthie


This Week TheNeilShow sits down with the host of “The NHL on TSN” James Duthie.

TheNeilShow – I saw your interview with Brian Burke a little while ago on TSN where Mr.Burke had some harsh words for Kevin Lowe and the Oilers. What’s your whole take on the Burkey and Lowe feud? Do you think Kevin Lowe made the right choices by doing the offer sheet signings to
Vanek and Penner?

James Duthie – I think Lowe made the wrong move twice. Vanek was outstanding as a 3rd liner in Buffalo where he had tons of room to skate. As the go-to-guy, he has been a disaster so far. He’ll be a good player, but that was too much money way too soon. Ditto for Dustin Penner. It was just too much money. But Lowe was in a tough spot. He’d lost out on so many free agents, he had to do something to calm the fans a bit. As for the feud, well it’s great TV. Everybody thinks Burkie plays for the cameras, but trust me, he was that mad!

TheNeilShow – How long will John Ferguson Jr be around this season as Leafs GM?

James Duthie – If they lose 5 or 6 in a row over the next few weeks, I’d guess he’d be gone. The problem with being GM of the Leafs is, you have to be brave enough to completely rebuild. That means trading guys like Sundin, even if they are in 8th or 9th at the deadline. You have to be willing to suck for a while, but the pressure is so great on Ferguson from above and from fans to win now, it’s difficult not to succumb to it. He’s in a no-win now. If he sells off his assets, the team tanks and he probably gets fired.

TheNeilShow – Martin Gerber’s play has been just short of brilliant so far this year with Ray Emery being out. If you were Sens GM for a day how would you handle that situation? Would you trade Gerber? Or Trade Emery? Or keep both?

James Duthie – I’d keep them both for now. If you deal one, you are one injury away from big trouble. But with their cap situation, they both can’t be back next year. If I had to trade one now, it would be Emery. But it’s tough to trade a goalie. Especially one with some baggage.

TheNeilShow – What is your greatest moment in your career so far?

James Duthie – This.

Okay, maybe not. (But it’s close). A bunch…Covering the Masters, the Patriots first Super Bowl win over the Rams, but #1 might be the Stanley Cup Final in Ottawa last year, just because it is my hometown, and I know how long the fans had waited. The atmosphere was something else.

TheNeilShow – Have you ever had an embarrassing moment on air? If so what happened?

James Duthie – Where, there was that time I forgot my pants. Just kidding (or am I?)
I have screwed up plenty, but there isn’t one that sticks out in my mind.

TheNeilShow – If you can only choose one player in the NHL that whom you
admire the most, who would that player be and why?

James Duthie – Tough one. I admire different players for different reasons. A guy like Saku Koivu for what he has overcome. A guy like Marty St. Louis for refusing to listen when they said he was too small. The consistent effort and professionalism of Daniel Alfredsson. And I like to sit on the couch, and admire everything Crosby does. I am fortunate to work in a league where there are a lot of guys to admire.

TheNeilShow – what are your thoughts on the emails between the NHL’s Bill Daly and union boss Ted Saskin?

James Duthie – Much ado about nothing. If you are going to have a good and close working relationship with someone, you need to have some sort of personally relationship. But I’ve learned if I have something to say that I don’t want others to know about, I should do it by phone.

TheNeilShow – Are Teemu Selanne and Scott Neidermeyer making the right choices right now playing a wait and see game with the Ducks? or are you like me and think they should just make a decision already?

James Duthie – Well that would be nice for their team, but I think they genuinely don’t know what to do. Niedermayer is a very smart guy. He doesn’t want to pull one of those “I’m retiring” and then come back six months later. The Rogers Clemons thing. I hate that. Scott is genuinely torn. Teemu probably is too. I think Niedermayer is coming back though. Just a gut feeling……

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